LIR submission guidelines

What we are looking for

→ The review is meant for students, academics and professionals to express their expertise and provide insights on topics or issues pertaining to international politics.

  • News-related article (500-750 words)
  • Feature article: more in-depth analysis of an event or phenomenon (750-1200 words)
  • Opinion-based article: reflect the personality and opinions of the author (500-750 words)
  • Columns (please contact the editing team to discuss the possibility of a recurring column) (500-750)
  • History article (we would welcome a link to or perspective on contemporary events) (500-1000 words)
  • If you want to write a piece on work experience (internship or others), please make sure that your article is on a specific issue or topic rather than on your duties and responsibilities

Writing style

→ The objective is to make your article both professional and desirable to read, or what we call ‘academic light’.

  • Consistent use of British or American English across the article
  • Avoid heavy academic style and prefer a journalistic style
  • Use subheadings if need be


  • References should take the form of hyperlinks (no footnotes, bibliography, etc.)
  • References can include reputable media outlets, blogs, academic articles and books
  • Provide your full name and occupation in one sentence to be included at the end of your article