The Leiden International Review was established in February 2017 by a group of Leiden University students. We aim to provide a platform for young academics to share their expertise and voice their opinions on global affairs.

We’re open to submissions from faculty and students, as well as external contributors. If you are interested in contributing to LIR, please check our ‘Contact’ page for more information.

Founding Members/ Current Editors 2018:

Jelle Baartmans

Arnout van Bergenhenegouwen

Alexander de Boer (webmaster)

Lucy Filipac

Fynn-Niklas Franke

Erika Funa

Marios Grammenos

Rory Arthur Johnson

Florian von Appen

Imogen Liu

Théo Muller

Tobias Plöger

Maaike Spiekerman

Mats van Dijk

Jens van Gysel

Gabriel Velizarov


Disclaimer: This organization is independent from Leiden University. The views expressed herein are solely those of the authors and do not represent the opinions of the Review staff, nor of the graduate school. Authors are entrusted with the accuracy of the data contained within their submissions. The authors of this review maintain intellectual property rights of the contents.